Education and Awareness on Energy Efficient Buildings

Teddy Presenting to his class

One of the goals in building our Passive House was to educate and show people what can be done without a large incremental cost.   I believe that our children are way more aware and open minded to sustainability and preserving our planet than our generation.  My son and I presented to his class on our new house and I was blown away with the questions and the enthusiasm from the kids.  Here is a copy of our powerpoint presentation.

Passive House_West Bay Presentation_v1

One thought on “Education and Awareness on Energy Efficient Buildings”

  1. Very interesting presentation. Some of the topic was very informative to me like the thermal bricks or habitat for humanity. There is a website developed by mainly architectures showing different energy efficient buildings around the world. I thought to share here for the readers who might be interested to see other examples of energy efficient buildinds.
    number 2030 is referring to the ambitious plan adopted by many countries that all building be built net-Zero by 2030.


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